Foxhunters Tyres & Alloys, 

Foxhunter Trading Estate,

Whitley Bay, NE25 8UG

0191 251 4849
Calibre Trek Silver
15” Calibre PACE
(4 stud fitments)
With winters tyres from…… £425.00
With Hankook winter tyres from…… £475.00

16” Team Dynamics CYCLONE (
to fit Audi, Ford, VW, Volvo & more)
With winter Tyres from…… £525.00

17” Calibre PACE
(4 & 5 stud fitments)
With tyres from…… £525.00

17” Calibre SUZUKA
(to fit Ford, Suzuki, Vauxhall & more)
With Winter tyres from……. £575.00

18”Riva BNZ
(ti fit Audi, VW, Mercedes & more)
With winter tyres from……. £639.00

18” F.X MS007 Silver, Black & Gunmetal
(to fit BMW)
With winter tyres from…… £639.00

18” DRC DRM Silver or Gunmetal
(to fit BMW)
With winter tyres form…… £720.00

 18” Wolfrace KODIAK Silver or Graphite
(to fit Audi, VW)
With winter tyres from…… £695.00

18” Calibre TREK Load rated Silver or Black
(to fit VW T5 & T6)
With 235/50-18 winter tyres from…… £699
Wolfrace Kodiak
DRC DRM Silver
F.X MS007 Gunmetal
Calibre Pace
DRC DRM Gunmetal


Riva BNZ
F.X MS007 Silver
Calibre Trek Black


For more prices and availability call 0191 2514849

We offer a wide range of alloy wheels suitable for use during the harsh winter months due to their durability and simple easy to clean designs. 
TD Cyclone
Calibre Suzuka
F.X MS007 Black